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International Law
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Fabiana Quaini has been a practicing private international law for 30 years, born on March, 16th 1962 in Argentina. LLB law degree at “Universidad Católica Argentina”, La Plata, Buenos Aires, in 1984, LLB law degree at “Université de Tours”, France in 1987. LLM international law degree at “Université de Toulouse”, France 1989. LLM international law degree at “Université de Limoge”, France 2009.She specialized in international private law: international child abductions, complex divorces, equitable distribution, custody, international adoptions,  ARTS and surrogacy.

Listed in Reunite lawyers and in the US Embassy list lawyers in Argentina
Referral in Italy for ONLUS Senza Frontiere in the adoption in Haiti under the Hague convention 1993 and the local Haitian law.
She organized and moderated for IAML on 17/09/2013 the Hague symposium in child abduction where lawyers from over 30 states participated in the Bar Association in Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
She was a guest speaker for AIJA on September 20, 2013 to speak about ARTS and Surrogacy in Hotel Hilton, Buenos Aires.
Speaker at aaarta.org in Charleston EEUU, 2013 where lawyers from the United States and all over the world were meeting; invited by Senza Frontiere to give 6 conferences on behalf of Italia to families and social services about Haiti.
Speaker at a LGBT bar at the Sheraton Hotel in New York on August 2014 and at FLI family law institute.
Invited to give a lesson about child abduction for students going for a postgraduate degree in "advanced studies of child-infant rights" at the University of San Isidro, Buenos Aires.
AAARTA conference in Florida on the 26-29, April 2015
Surrogacy conference in London on the 17-19 of April in 2015.
IAML meeting Sicily September 2015. Today IAFL
She was also invited to conferences by several Universities such as the Universidad Nacional de la Plata, School of lawyers in Azul, School of lawyers of Mendoza, University of Moron, province of Buenos Aires, Argentine Embassy in Paris, Caritas of Villa Maria Córdoba, among many other as well.
She writes for Microjuris, La Ley, Thomson Reuters and international editorial publishers.

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Member Board of Governors of the International Academy of  Matrimonial Lawyers 2013/16:  Surrogacy Committee and Hague Convention child abduction Committee.

Referral in Italy for  ONLUS in the Adoptions process in Haiti under the Hague Convention frame.

She wrote books concerning international child abduction and several articles in international family law published in main law databases and magazines.

Admitted in the La Plata Bar Association 1985, Buenos Aires Bar Association 1985, Mendoza Bar Association 2001, Argentina.



Published Articles:

Rich man Poor Man, a new concept in the Argentina Supreme Court in International Hague Abduction 24-jun-2016  MJ-DOC-9930-AR

Surrogacy agreements in the administrative jurisdiction.   Case “ M. C. K. others” April 11. 2016 MJ-DOC-9837-AR

Uruguay, Spain and Chile special laws for the process in International Child Abduction cases. March 15, 2016  Quaini, Fabiana M.  |  MJ-DOC-7636-AR

A bill that should be law soon: International child abduction, a short process for international kidnapping cases.   1-feb-2016   Cita: MJ-DOC-7584-AR

The potential liability of Argentina in the Hague cases.  Dec 29, 2015. MJ-DOC-7560-AR

International Adoptions, Appeal decision and Haiti.  Revista de Derecho de Familia y las Personas, Septembre 2015  La Ley. Thomson Reuters

A Child abduction case to United State. Jurisdiction of the Argentine courts. Limits. May 20, 2015  MJ-DOC-7241-AR 

The International Adoptions arrive to the Supreme Court.  3/3/2015. MJ-DOC-7088-AR 

Violation to the share custody rights accordingly to de Brazilian law and international child abduction. Comments to the decisions  in first degree and appeal court  MJ-DOC-6905-AR | MJD6905 3/10/2014

Case  SCBA concerning International Child Abduction. July 14, 2014 MJD6789 Microjuris 'P. C. c/ S. B. d .P. M.'

Lozano v. Montoya  Revista de Derecho de Familia y de las Personas La Ley June 2014

Child Abduction Case, San Isidro Court and Supreme Court of Buenos Aires 27/02/2014  MJD6597.

A surrogacy case in Entre Rios MJD6575. 6/2/2014

Leading case about surrogacy in Argentina:  MJ-DOC-6332-AR 26/06/2013

Surrogacy, medical situaton, licences, maternity leave  under labor law. Revista de Derecho de Familia  2013 – III del mes de junio Abeledo Perrot

Hague Convention and Argentina case  'F., C. del C. c/ G. R. T. s/ reintegro de hijo'”  MJD6313. 11/06/2013

International Child Abduction. Final  decision Supreme Federal Court Argentina 'H. C. A. c/ M. A. J. A.'” reference Microjuris MJD6204. 21/03/2013

International Child Abduction. Abuse in the procedure. MJ-DOC-6079-AR 23-nov-2012

International Child abduction. Hague Convention and article 15. MJ-DOC-5903-AR 3-ago-2012

International Adoption in Argentina. Revista de Derecho de Familia y de las Personas La Ley September 2011..

Child abuse and international child abduction. MJ-DOC-5497-AR. MJD5497 2-sep-2011Child abuse and international child abduction. MJ-DOC-5497-AR. MJD5497 2-sep-2011
The Hague Convention 1980 Abbott case and in the Supreme Court in US and other case in the Supreme Court in Argentina. MJ-DOC-4821-AR. August 2010.
Visitation in Argentina under The Hague Convention 1980.MJ-DOC-4780-AR. July 2010.
International Adoption in the Buenos Aires Supreme Court. SCBA. MJ-DOC-4686-AR. April2010.
The exequatur for a foreign court decision without original documents. Oct. 2010 Microjuris MJ-DOC-4946-AR
Contesting Paternity.Case S. C. F. for the child G. M. c/ G. F. july-2011. MJ-DOC-5418-AR MJD5418..
The 're-abduction' an Argentine-United States case law. Mirror decisions. Civil/Criminal court decisions. Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-4300-AR. 07 2009.
The bond in a Salta case law. Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-4234-AR. 20-March-09.
The virtual contact between father and son. Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-4211-AR. 6-Frebruary-09.
International child abduction. The right to provide evidence cannot be denied by the judge. Microjuris.com. MJ- DOC-4220-AR. 26-February-09.
International Adoption. Mendoza Bar Association 2009.
The rules of sex change surgery in Argentina and in comparative law. Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-3398-AR. 26-March-08.
Lawyers represent children in Argentina, comparative law. Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-3481-AR . 24-June-08.
Arbitration in Argentina, jurisprudence.Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-4151-AR. 2-October-08
Legal Aid and the no resident in Argentina. Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-4165-AR. 22-October-08.
Chile at the International Organizations. Microjuris.com. RDJ287, MJD287. 2008.
Directive on return of illegal immigrants.Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-4099-AR . 21-July-2008
An international child abduction case law between China and Argentine. Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-3179-AR. 29-June-07.
International Child Abduction. Mendoza Bar Association 2007.
The Inter-American Court of Justice and its competence. Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-3285-AR. 26-October-07.
The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Jurisprudence. Microjuris.com. MJ-DOC-3240-AR. 5-September-07.
Argentina and International adoption. Microjuris.com MJ-DOC-3207-AR. 1-ago-07.
The intangible salary of the Judges. Argentine and the ICHR. Microjuris.com MJ-DOC-3320-AR. 28-November-07.
Llb and Master degrees and the recogninition in different countries. The European and the Argentine lawyer. Microjuris MJ-DOC-3346 AR Feb 19 2008.
International environment law and mines companies in Los Andes. University of Limoge, France, 2009.
International industrial cooperation agreements. La Plata Bar Association magazine. Year XXXI nº 51.
First demanda Guarantees. Spain.
Hardships in international contracts. France.
The FIDIC conditions in international contracts. France.

Books: International Child Abduction. 2006 Lexaustralis.
Civil and criminal aspects in international child abduction. 2009 Cathedra Juridica

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Lectures in Argentina and abroad on international private law. Expert in international child abduction, family law. Lectures in La Plata Law School, Buenos Aires, Catholic University La Plata Law School, La Plata Bar Association, University Of Moron, Law School, Buenos Aires.

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